The 2024 Mystics Almanac

Intuitive Guidance for Navigating These Times in a Good Way

Oracles, Forecasts, & Divination Insights for Modern Mystics



What is the Mystics Almanac?

The Mystics Almanac catalogs oracle readings and astrological events for the year ahead, drawing inspiration from the magic, wisdom, and whimsy of the great almanacs that precede it, most notably, The Old Farmers’ Almanac.

This Almanac is more than a calendar — it engages both your intuition and your intellect to help you make integrated decisions.

Use it to gain insight about the energies present within yourself and the collective on any given day. Align yourself with the natural rhythms of the cosmos or seasons. Look ahead to plan and predict ideal timing for significant life or business events.

⭐️ "I can't imagine ever going without this!" ⭐️

Lindsay Pera
KT Sloan - Almanac Lover

“Ordered mine again! If anyone is on the fence, you will not regret this purchase! It’s become a sacred tool for me the past two years & I can’t imagine now ever going without!

It has been my trusted companion on the journey & helped me reach destinations beyond my dreams.”

Almanac Lover

Align with the rhythms of the earth, the cosmos, and the collective ✨

Use the oracle and astrological forecasts inside the Almanac to prepare for the year ahead and predict ideal timing for significant life events or transitions.



Enter the new year knowing what energies to expect and how to work with themes in three key life areas:

  • Health/Well-being
  • Relationships
  • Prosperity and Abundance


You’ll receive a full calendar of the significant astro events, plus monthly forecasts from our Resident Astrologer Katina Castillo.



Consult this forecast for a three-card reading at the beginning of each month. Each card corresponds to one of the three transformational levers: your health, your heart and your prosperity.

You'll also get monthly forecasts from our Resident Astrologer Katina Castillo to help you interpret the cosmos: key moon events, eclipses, retrogrades, and archetypal themes.



Receive a daily reading from The Mystics Oracle to help you tap into the seen and unseen energies that could shape your life. The Almanac offers you insight into the meaning of the card of the day, as well as a sacred inquiry prompt, an affirmation, crystal recommendations, essential oil and flower essence recommendations, and more.




Our Contributors

Every year, we create the Almanac in collaboration with our amazing team at the Modern Mystics Institute and our incredible circle of contributors. Together, we are well-guided, well-protected, and well-blessed.

Mystic Oracle,
Divination & Numerology
Lindsay Pera

Ember Pera

Astro Wisdom
Katina Castillo

Oracle Artist & Love Activism
Sarah Love

Akashic Records
Priscilla Stephan

Poetic Ponderings
Jody Smith

Health & Wellbeing Forecast 
Deni Luna

Heart & Relationships Forecast Nicole Lee

A Love Letter from Sacred Worth
Allison McDanel

The Wisdom of Nature
Iya Kemi


Love Insights
Karen Crane

Embracing the Spiritual
Rev. Tammy McLeod

Living your E.P.I.C. Life
Julie Neale


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All users have access to the following features and content:

  • The Mystics Oracle: Receive a daily oracle card reading at your fingertips, PLUS The Mystics Oracle Forecast Summary for the whole year.
  • The Mystics Gift Emporium: This digital sanctuary contains free guided audios of most-used Mystics practices, including:
    • An EFT Tapping Practice from Claire Hayes to release the tension of “No Time”, when you like you don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals.
    • An Energy Clearing practice with Rebecca Kane: “I am open to receiving”
    • A relaxing Mystic Alchemy Meditation from Lindsay Pera to create space from your full day, and deepen into a sacred state.
  • Live Virtual Events: Invitations to special community events and workshops through our in-app calendar.
  • Beautiful Phone Wallpapers: Including our 2023 Moon Calendar and the Mystics Manifesto. Use your devices with more intention.
  • The Mystics Shop: Access our virtual shop which we keep stocked with Mystic Tools, Courses, and Resources for you to love and share.



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The Mystics Society is a virtual community for healers, creatives, and intuitive entrepreneurs to claim and live by the heartbeat of their inner Mystic.
We support each other in creating rhythms and core routines to keep us centered and connected to our magic during these intense times.

Facilitated by Mystic Oracle, Lindsay Pera, The Mystics Society is all about the honoring of rhythms: rhythms within our bodies, our seasons, our planet, our solar system… We seek to attune ourselves to these rhythms and trust in the ways they nurture and support us along the way. When we learn to dance with these rhythms, we start to live more resonant, prosperous, vibrant lives!

The Almanac is just one of the tools we use to align ourselves with these mystic rhythms.

Joining the Mystics Society gives you access to the Almanac, AND a collection of monthly curated practices to help you access more meaning and prosperity in your relationships, health, and livelihood.

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The Mystics Society is for you if...

  • You know deep inside that you see and experience the world differently than most people around you.
  • You hunger to commune with others like you.
  • You want to more easily access alternate ways of knowing and develop the tools to transform reality
  • You are kind, generous of spirit, loving and intentional
  • You want to harness the full breadth of your intuitive gifts and abilities, and are looking for the guidance and mentorship to do so.

Each month, we focus on a different theme:


January: Mystic Manifestation Foundation

February: Accessing Alignment and Attraction

March: Intuition and Divination

April: Sacred Spaces and Sacred Art

May: Beauty Way and Divine Feminine

June: Mystic Money and Sacred Commerce

July: Mystic Energetics

August: Accessing Success and Your “Why”

September: Resonance and Attraction

October: New Paradigm Leadership

November: Clearing, Receiving, and Thanksgiving

December: Celebration and Integration

Every month you'll receive new magic to work with...

A curated collection of Mystic practices and tools, following our monthly themes: Oracle Readings, Movement, EFT Tapping, Energetics, Meditations, and Sound Healing. These are intended to strengthen your personal rituals, hone new skills, and become naturally aligned with your own rhythms for living as a Modern Mystic.
A Deep-Dive Monthly Astrology Forecast: Mystics Society Members receive a monthly audio from our Resident Astrologer that specifically details how the stars work with the theme of each month.
Supportive community: Share your revelations, ask for support, or cheer on fellow Mystics in our private (non-Facebook!) community.
A sacred energetic container: You'll notice a weaving of themes and rhythms through all that we do within The Mystics Society. You can lean into the stability and knowingness that rhythms offer us, especially in these times.
The Digital Mystics Almanac: Access the Almanac guidance directly from your device. We publish the current month’s content at the beginning of each month.
  • Lindsay Pera

    “It really pays to join this community. In the Mystics Society you’re immediately surrounded by the kindest people, and the monthly content brings the most refined mystic investigations and well-curated guests. The ground around Lindsay is always fertile with insightful inquiry as well as very practical wisdom. It’d be worth joining for Lindsay’s "message from the ethers” alone. These monthly channelings are always eerily (yet not surprisingly) spot on. The otherworldly and the everyday wisdom are shared with the generosity and depth that are the mark of this fine internet community.”

  • Lindsay Pera

    “You know when they say when the student is ready, the teacher appears? Well that's EXACTLY what Lindsay Pera and the Mystics Society has been for me. The first year I dove right into the portal content and monthly Zoom calls. I even claimed a few coaching hot seats. Listening, learning, absorbing, I began applying alchemy and magic to every aspect of my life; including business--"say what?" And guess what? It's totally paid off. I left a corporate job in financial services and started my own business. ”

    Founder of Sacred Worth LLC

  • Lindsay Pera

    “The Mystics Society is one of my favorite online spaces. Lindsay and her amazing team curate a sacred space of beautiful connection, inspiration and promote thoughtful self-inquiry and conversation in a most loving way. I am truly grateful to be both a member and a contributor with this magical group of Mystics!”

  • Lindsay Pera

    “The Mystics Society is led by Lindsay Pera, a beautiful human and Modern Mystic. The Mystics Society is a safe online space where we can all let our mystic flags to fly, connect with other like-minded women who are deep into their spiritual journeys and who are creating or working in meaningful soulful businesses. The level of support from the other members, Lindsay, and the monthly video calls is phenomenal and unparalleled. Everyone who joins the Mystics Society is treated with respect, kindness, and we are all fully supported! I can't imagine NOT being part of this online space.”

  • Lindsay Pera

    “How lucky am I to be part of the Mystic Society circle? Now in my fourth year of membership, a vast world of previously unknown forces appears visible to me, and I now see myself from an entirely different coign of vantage. For me, our circle is a sitspot from which I cocreate all variety of adventures with my modern mystic sisters. I love that founder Lindsay Pera (and her many partner/leaders) invite all modern mystics to dance at the edge of change, to engage and support each other to raise our powers to an ever-higher level—to reach into our hearts, to stretch our capacity for gratitude, to master the mystic art of manifestation, and to act as leaders for global transformation. This circle lifts me everyday!”

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay’s ability to blend the mystic and the aspects of running, sustaining and succeeding in business have been instrumental in moving Beth Wonson & Company and Navigating Challenging Dialogue® to the next level.
    Her awareness of so many business models, strategies and resources combined with her ability to feel into what will resonate or not for me in particular is unique and invaluable.

    In my 6 months of working with Lindsay, I have increased followership and client engagement, created a communication and email strategy that works, been featured on national level podcasts and had amazing guests on mine. All of this focus and intention has translated in money in my business.”

    Founder & CEO of Beth Wonson and Co.

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